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Sticker Learning’s Leadership Training A Proven Path to Building a High-Performance Culture

Sticker Learning’s Leadership Training A Proven Path to Building a High-Performance Culture

The Success of Your Organization is Directly Tied to the Quality of Your Company’s Leadership

Stickler Learning is focused on helping companies and organizations develop their management team and building high-performance cultures.  

In fact, more than 10,000 managers have graduated from our leadership training programs! Every leader within the organizations we work with from the CEO to front line managers participate (It must start at the top, or we’re not interested).

  • More than 10,000 graduates
  • Based on Dr. Thomas Gordon’s teachings and text: “Leader Effectiveness Training” (LET). Dr. Gordon is an award-winning psychologist, business consultant and therapist
  • Three-day course taught on site
  • Leadership refresher courses 
  • Proven results

The high cost of bad bosses

The cost of having even one bad boss is substantial when you consider how turnover, high absenteeism, loss of productivity, poor customer service and unhappy, disengaged employees erode the bottom line. 

According to Forbes, only 21% of employees are highly engaged at work, and according to Gallup, when this is translated into dollars, disengaged employees cost, on average, 34% of their annual salary. (Many studies support the fact that employee disengagement is the product of poor leadership.)

The simple fact is leadership is a “learnable” skill…one can indeed learn how to be a better and more effective boss. 

What They’re Saying About
Stickler Learning

Who We Serve

Our clients are small, medium-size companies and organizations throughout the country that recognize the need for leadership improvement. But unlike Walmart, Amazon, General Motors, Apple, Bank of America and other large corporations, the smaller-size companies cannot cost justify a management training staff. This is where Stickler Learning comes in. 

The typical length of the relationships we have with our clients is 12 years. All have found our training and development work to be so effective that they have budgeted for and engaged us year after year, for a long period of time.

So, if you want to get the best performance from your employees, you owe it to your organization to book a free consultation to see how Stickler Learning can help.

At the start of our work, on average, 30% of managers are rated by direct reports as very good. Within three years, 80% of managers who have participated in our leadership program are rated as very good. In nearly all instances “bad bosses” disappear…not because they quit or were fired, but because they changed for the better. 

Stickler Learning

How Our Leadership Program Works

The starting point of the Stickler Learning leadership curriculum is for all managers to attend the nationally acclaimed program called “Leader Effectiveness Training” (LET). This three-day management training course was developed by award-winning psychologist, business consultant and therapist, Dr. Thomas Gordon. Classes are typically taught on company premises by a Stickler Learning accredited LET instructor.

In addition to the basic three-day LET course, there are a series of one-day leadership refreshers to support the initial three-day core class. As good as LET is, it’s been our experience that over time, some managers fall back into their old habits. LET is skills-based which means that periodic review and practice are crucial for sustained improvement.

It works like this: The first year, all managers (including CEOs) graduate from LET. In year two (and following years), managers attend a one-day refresher class. During the one-day refresher classes, managers review basic LET skills and practice them through role play case studies. A prerequisite for attending refreshers is to have first graduated from the core three-day LET course.

The final part of the Stickler Learning leadership program is called REVERSE EVALUATION. It’s an online, confidential survey where direct reports assess the leadership effectiveness of their manager. Effective managers are encouraged with positive feedback, and those less effective managers are provided with “specifics” on where change is needed. The saying, “what gets measured gets managed” applies here.

Year One

LET Training

  • All managers attend the three-day LET course. (Depending on the size of the organization there are nearly always two/three separate classes. Core LET class size is limited to 24 students).

  • The Reverse Evaluation is administered.

Year Two

  • All managers attend a one-day leadership refresher class. (Depending on the size of the organization, there are at least two separate classes. Managers are able to select the class that accommodates their schedules. Refresher class size is limited to 35 students).

  • Reverse Evaluation is administered.

  • New managers attend the three-day LET course.

Year Three and Beyond

  • All managers attend a the one-day leadership refresher class.

  • Reverse Evaluation is administered.

  • New managers attend a the three-day LET course.

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